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When Jeremy reached out to me about photographing his Sunset Cliffs Proposal to Emily, I was over-the-moon excited! He went about everything so thoughtfully, I knew it would be perfect. For starters, he actually messaged me on Instagram using his dog’s account for ultimate sneaky communication! Despite feeling nervous, understandably, he had thought of and planned every little detail.

Jeremy and Emily live in Colorado but were in San Diego on a work trip for Emily. Jeremy knew that San Diego is special to Emily, as it’s where her late grandmother is from. He knew she’d always wanted to be proposed to there for that reason, and Jeremy was determined to do it!!

Jeremy arrived only hours before Emily did at the start of their trip and made sure to scout out his chosen location at Sunset Cliffs. He had been telling Emily ahead of time how excited he was to watch the sunset at Sunset Cliffs, to be sure that she would agree to going on the day of. The plan was to propose on their 1.5 year anniversary at sunset, halfway down the cliff. However, Emily unfortunately got sick after their lunch outing – a spoiled stomach and spoiled proposal plans!! Jeremy almost canceled as it seemed that our schedules weren’t going to align for the rest of their trip. But thank goodness, we were able to adjust some things and plan for the following day!

The Proposal

Upon arriving, I found a spot to stealthily photograph their big moment. A kind stranger was already lounging nearby so I chatted with her to “blend in”. Minutes later, Jeremy and Emily casually walked past me and my heart was racing SO FAST from nerves and excitement! They strolled down the cliff but unfortunately, we hit another road block; a group of surfer dudes were hanging out and blasting music in the exact spot Jeremy was planning on asking the big question! Not exactly the most romantic vibe that he was hoping for. After stalling for awhile, hoping they would leave, he finally led Emily the rest of the way down the cliff, close to the ocean. Although much further away than where I was positioned, it certainly gave them a quiet, romantic moment together.

While I couldn’t hear her reaction, it was clearly an excitable one as she dropped to a crouch and hopped toward Jeremy before pulling him up for a huge hug! We finished off the evening with a series of photos to capture all of the blissful, newly-engaged feels with a gorgeous sunset. Despite the challenges we ran into, everything turned out perfect and all of Jeremy’s hard work certainly paid off!!

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Sunset Cliffs Proposal | San Diego Wedding Photographer

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