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May & Lee

Meeting May and Lee for the first time didn’t exactly go as planned; the Starbucks we met at was closed for a private event! So, with no other establishment nearby suitable for a conversation, we instead sat on my truck tailgate in the dark to discuss their La Jolla Beach Wedding. Not the most ideal first meeting, but it was okay with such a relaxed couple like these two.

May and Lee’s wedding was everything a laid-back, foodie, surfer couple could want. For starters, Lee’s wedding ring is designed to look like the barrel of a breaking wave! They got married at Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA, with 120+ of their friends and family in attendance. There were no chairs at the ceremony and May and Lee wore flip flops – fitting for the relaxed vibes! One of my favorite moments was when we got to the car after their portraits and Lee paused to rinse the sand off of May’s feet. It was such a simple gesture but so thoughtful and sweet of him to do for his new bride!

Their reception took place at Catania, a beautiful restaurant overlooking the village of La Jolla. Certainly one of the most interesting and entertaining moments of the evening was when we squeezed all 100+ guests into the restaurant for one big group photo. It was tricky fitting everyone into the room, the camera view, and adequately lighting the space. While I hadn’t planned to, I ended up kneeling on top of the hostess’s podium in order to get the right angle, and directed everyone with a microphone. It was quite a feat, but we got it done with so many smiling faces and plenty of laughter!

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La Jolla Beach Wedding | San Diego Wedding Photography

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