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Meet Kim:

Small business chick boss of Kimposed, watercolor and calligraphy artist, and full time dog mom. Kim is a San Diego local with a nerdy side and a love for community. Her trusty sidekick is Ghibli, a sweet French Bulldog who likes to greet his friends with his teeth.

Girl with a vision:

Because of Kim’s background in business and marketing, she totally understands the importance of personal brand photography and was so excited to jump in. We had our consultation at a local coffee shop where we spent half of our time together talking about our dogs (whoops) and the other half delving into the heart of Kim’s brand, Kimposed. She wanted to show her followers herself as the human behind the art to build trust and honest relationships.


One of Kim’s prominent beliefs is community-over-competition and she loves working with fellow watercolor and calligraphy artists! She surrounds herself with like-minded individuals who thrive from learning and creating together, resulting in a tight-knit creative community! Kim also loves education and holds various workshops around San Diego to challenge and encourage others to pursue their interests.

The branding session:

The plan for Kim’s branding session was to encompass a handful of these stories that make up Kimposed. The stories we told included Kim’s artistic process creating at home, hanging out with her carrot-loving companion Ghibli, meeting with clients, and collaborating with like-minded watercolor and calligraphy artists in her community.

While Kim is an introvert, her branding session resulted in content she can post to show who she is, how she works, and what she believes in- all through photos! Branding photography is a powerful tool to connect with your fans and build your personal brand.

The WHY behind Kimposed:

After obtaining a very reasonable degree and career in marketing, she decided to return to her roots as an artist. She believes in doing what you truly love so she left her corporate job and started Kimposed!

What she loves most about being an entrepreneur is the challenge and freedom that being her own boss provides. She also loves having a creative outlet and opportunities to try new things as an artist. She strives to bring value to clients through offering classes and workshops, custom commissions, and by supporting her community.

According to Kim, if Kimposed was a bumper sticker, it would say, “Make something every day, even if it sucks!


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