“What do you do?”

What is your PASSION?


What personal branding photography is


+ Lifestyle story telling sessions to connect with your clients for long lasting relationships

+ A means to communicate your WHY to set yourself apart from your competitor

+ Professional quality photos customized to reflect your brand & beliefs

+ Content that actually converts followers into customers & increases revenue


Why you need personal branding photography


+ You’ve poured your heart, blood, sweat & tears into your business; it’s time to SHOW your clients that you are more than just a product or business name

+ You’re not attracting clients who GET you & your vision, clients who aren’t just focused on price

+ You’re tired of using stock images or unintentional, poor quality selfies

+ You’ve struggled with staying consistent on social media without it consuming your time

+ You haven’t found a photographer who truly understands your needs & you have to keep explaining your goals over & over again

How personal branding photography is designed for you


+ Story sessions are planned & customized to communicate your specific brand identity & voice – no cookie cutter corporate headshots

+ Only commit as much time to your sessions as it will take to achieve what you want. Hiring a professional results in quality work without taking up all of your time

+ A comprehensive commercial license included in every package means freedom to use & edit your photos the way you want to

+ You choose your final images with 1-2 day photo turn around so you can start posting & connecting with your clients immediately because your time is valuable

+ Quarterly sessions keep your content updated, allow you to book ahead of time like a membership, & provide you with enough photos for regular posting to share your stories consistently.

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe”

Simon Sinek


HECK. YES. What’s next?


Step One: Say hello!

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Step 2: The Talk

We’ll speak on the phone or video call to go over the details & make sure we’ll work well together

Step 3: Say Yes to Success!

We’ll plan your first photo session, you’ll autograph some official paperwork, & we’ll do the dang thing!

+ One-time personal branding introductory offer available to new clients for $299
+ Quarterly packages start at $2,000 & are available for annual subscription
+ Social media product packages start at $500, please inquire for more information
+ In order to truly dedicate myself to my recurring clients, I only take a limited number per year




Are you ready to step up your brand game & start seeing the results you want?!

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