My Story


I’m Miranda: owner of Wildly Free Photography, lucky wife to a great husband, and dog mama to the best two puppers.

I currently reside in sunny San Diego county where my days off are spent reading a book in our hammock, binge-watching Netflix with my hubby, and planning (or enjoying!) our next adventure.

As much as I love my free time, my true passion is photographing my clients – A.k.a. awesome individuals, totally in love couples, and all around carefree spirits who are always ready for a good time!

In life, I strive to spread positivity and encourage others to do and be what they love. I wholeheartedly believe in equality, kindness, acceptance, and enjoying the little moments in life. I bring all of these qualities and values to each and every one of my photography sessions, from portraits to lifestyle to weddings. A successful session in my eyes is one in which my clients forget about the camera and feel free to express themselves, allowing me to capture their true joy, love, and contentment.